Pearlpurin ® PP (INCI: pearlpowder)
Micronized powder from the sweet water pearl

Pearlpurin ® PH (INCI:hydrolysed pearl)
Watersouluble version of Pearlpurin® PP

Pearlpurin ® Abrasiva (INCI: pearlpowder)
Coarse fraction from Pearlpurin ® PP

Raw materials for Pearlpurin® Products

Freshwater pearls are grown in natural freshwater lakes in China

Pearls are carefully sorted by hand under strict hygienic conditions.
The larger pearls are used for jewellery. Smaller pearls are used as raw material for the Pearlpurin® -production, because of their higher protein concentration

Product application
Skin care - Creams - Lotions - Ointments - Shower / Bath Products
Skin moisturisation / hydratation
Improvement of skin firmness &smoothness
Skin repair
Stimulation of cutaneous fibroblasts
Booster effect of UVA / UVB protection

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